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BASSEN 3D technologies 1000g 1,75 mm

What are some of the distinctive features of POM?

  • Polymethylene’s heat resistance is due to its outstanding chemical properties, making it resistant to heat.
  • Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a thermoplastic material that can be used to create parts with high mechanical properties, which remain stable and not deformed even after getting exposed/disclosed to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +140°C.
  • It’s very resistant to moisture and has excellent electrical insulation.
  • It features excellent sliding qualities, abrasion and impact resistance, and good wear resistance.
  • POM parts have excellent adhesion because of the high degree of impact resistance. It is the cohesive force that holds everything together. (This adhesion, which is produced by coating enamel on top of individual layers, is known as interlayer adhesion). Mr Vingiano has the following to say on the subject: I believe that the molecular flow raises the melting temp of its part and keeps it frozen, which allows prior deposited layers to maintain a suitable temperature for good melting between them. “According to him, a POM-based 3D printed component is challenging to tell apart from an injection moulded one.
  • Another benefit is that POM is resistant to chemical usage, allowing it to be cleaned without harming the component, giving it a lot of possibilities for use. The numerous applications and colours available also aid in the material’s colour: it’s obtainable in a transparent white, making it simple to colour or incorporate visible components.